About CJ's BUTTer

Who are we?

We are the Australian & New Zealand distributor for the amazing range of CJ's BUTTer.

We are a family run business who love natural living and CJ's BUTTer of course!

In 2012 we started Baby Bare Cloth Nappies. We have always recommended CJ's as a great cloth nappy safe cream (as we loved using it ourselves) to our customers. So when the opportunity arose to take it on and add it into our range, we jumped at it!

We encourage you to read more about our products and how they can be used to benefit you and your family. They truly are multi use, and not just for babies!

You can find plenty more info about the individual products and their ingredients at www.justpustsomebutteronit.com.

Keep reading to find out how it all started in Colorado Springs, in the USA.

The CJ's Story

We are often asked "Who is CJ?". CJ's BUTTer® is named after its creator, CJ S. Miller, who is one busy mumma! Though we often refer to her as Mastermind on Facebook, CJ is much more than the woman who invented CJ's BUTTer®. She is also a wife, an amazing mother to three sensitive skinned children, and 5 loveable dogs. She is also a disabled army veteran and a full time student. She is very passionate and in fact it was because she is such a caring and giving person that CJ's BUTTer® ever went beyond her own nappy bag.

As a busy stay at home mum, CJ never really sought to start a business. She just wanted to ease her baby’s nappy rash! CJ used cloth nappies all of her children and yes, at one point all 3 were in nappies simultaneously. This meant she needed something that was cloth nappy friendly that she could use both to treat and prevent nappy rash. It sounds simple enough, but all of the nappy rash creams that were available on the market had at least one of two problems. They wouldn’t wash out of cloth nappies, or were not effective – at least not on sensitive skin. This inspired CJ to solve the problem herself.

CJ began researching what natural oils and butters have historically worked well for skin irritations. She then set to work in her kitchen where she ended up creating what is now known as CJ's BUTTer®. It worked so well for her own children that when she would meet others either in person or online who were having similar issues she would give them some saying “Try this, it worked for us”. Not long after people began coming to CJ asking if she could send them some of the butt butter. When the cost of making and sending butter became too much for her and her family she started thinking, and realized that if she charged for it she could continue to help others by providing them with the butter that had now been deemed CJ's BUTTer® by parents in cloth nappy forums online.

In 2009, CJ launched a website, where she sold BUTTer® to cloth nappy-using mothers. In January 2010, everything changed. One of the mums posted pictures of her son’s eczema before using CJ's BUTTer®, another after one day of using the cream and another after the second day. The terrible eczema was completely cleared up after the second day. In the summer of 2010 retailers began requesting wholesale accounts which caused business to really take off.

As more people became aware of and began using CJ's BUTTer® it became a product line rather than a single product. CJ received requests for a variety of sizes, formulas such as yeast fighting, stick and spray on as well as a wide variety of scents. People also began reporting uses for BUTTer beyond use as a nappy cream which now boasts over 30 different uses to include battling eczema and psoriasis.

By late April of 2010 the business had grown to having more than 150 retailers in 5 countries and the line included at least a dozen different products most of which were available in over 30 scents as well as in multiple sizes. It was no wonder that production had gone from CJ's kitchen to taking over most of the S. Miller home. Along with her husband Mark, CJ opened CJ's Outlet and Boutique, a brick-and-mortar store that also had space for a production center which would mean the S. Miller family could have their house back!

Our service

Here at CJ's BUTTer, we aim to provide your product for an affordable price, one way below the leading competitors. This does not affect the service you will receive on your product.


We aim to ship your products within 2 business days from the time we receive your order. We use Australia Post for all our shipping.

A flat postage rate of $8.95 per order applies to all online purchases within Australia.
A flat postage rate of $15 per order applies to all online purchases to New Zealand.

NOTE Exact shipping will be calculated after you've entered your address in PayPal.

We will endeavour to contact you within 24 hours if there is any problem with your order such as availability.

Please note that we cannot take responsibility for items damaged by Australia Post during delivery. If you receive a parcel from Australia Post that appears to have been damaged or tampered with, you should address the issue immediately. If your goods are damaged as a result of damage to the packaging, you will need to contact Australia Post at your local Post Office shop to place a complaint. They offer compensation for such incidents. Ensure you keep the original package and goods to show them. Please also let us know this has occurred so we can assist you and ensure the matter is resolved and that you are left happy and satisfied.

Where an order contains pre-order or backorder items, we will wait until all items are available so that we can ship everything together.

Unfortunately, we are unable to ship internationally or to Post Office Boxes.


Unfortunately we are unable to accept returns due to change of mind. This is so we can ensure all our products are brand new, unopened and sanitary. We encourage you to try the products, and experience the different scents in a trial version if you are unsure.

We take no responsibility for slight variations in the colour representations of our products on our website. We have tried our best to represent these honestly and to the best of our ability through photographs. Please understand there may be slight variations between the packaging, and any pictures are indicative only. Packaging may change from time to time and not be updated in the photographs.

Our products must only be used as described on our site. Responsibility will not be taken due to any injury or damage caused from misuse of our product.